Current rates:  $50 per person per hour. ($50 per man hour). 

We work in teams of two.

Clients with regular service receive the same team of 2 with exception of vacations when you receive a back up team.  We provide all equipment and supplies.  If you have certain products you prefer used, feel free to leave those out for us. Each customer has a profile that states their information and what they would like to have done in their home.  We let the customer choose what they want and/or don’t want, for example, trash emptied or beds made.  If you notice anything at all we have found that basic communication usually is all that is needed to resolve things.

Example of our average rates based on square footage:

Here are averages for regular cleaning: Most clients are 2 times per month
small condo apartment 650 s.f. to 800 s.f. team of 2 about 1 hour about $96-$105
1000 to 1800 s.f. Team of 2 for about 1 hour and 15/20 min $120 – $160
2000 to 2400 s.f. usually 1.5 hours team of 2 $150-$175
2500 to 3000 s.f. average 1.75 -2hrs $$170-$190
3300 to 4000 Average 2 hours to 2.5 hours $190-300
4000 & up $200 and up depending on clients needs

Payment Options:

Check, Cash, Zelle, MasterCard,Visa


*Not provided in routine services: Ironing, washing clothes, putting away dishes. Washing dishes can be done if needed. 
*For beds, customers can leave fresh linens if they want sheets changed.
*We can empty trash; we don’t automatically do it as some clients prefer us not to.
*We typically don’t move furniture but teams should sweep under items that have clearance on wood floors for example and teams should be attempting to move small items to clean under/behind or vacuum under/behind. 
Teams should pick up items to dust and should clean under items on kitchen counters.
*If a door is closed we will NOT go in (unless otherwise requested)
*We do NOT typically touch large flat tv screens
*We have booties to wear on carpeted surfaces. Employees are required by OSHA to wear shoes while cleaning for safety purposes.

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