When we originally chose our name, we wanted to use a name we felt we could stand by. Knowing that I myself was not a perfect cleaner and made many mistakes, I knew our workers through the years would not be perfect either as we are all human and make mistakes. Our core goal is to do our very best to please our customers so thats how we ended up with the name Maid 2 Please.

Back in 1999, I hoped to start a Business. Because cleaning is a passion, I decided to start a house cleaning service. A long time friend of mine and I were the first 2 cleaners and we were so gung ho! We wanted to clean every floor on our hands and knees but after a few days our wrists and knees ached and we knew it just wasn’t feasable. Back in those days there was less competition so we grew very fast. There were no smart phones so we used Mapquest for our directions and used paper calendars for schedules for the teams. Boy how times have changed almost 22 years later.

All of our workers work very hard and we have been fortuntate to have workers with us for 10 plus years, some reaching 17 years with us. It is a very hard job and very tasking on the body so we feel so blessed to have long time staff.

As a company we are pretty simple and straightforward. Nothing fancy with us. We just do our best and try and take care of our customers. When we make mistakes we try our best to own up to it and make it right. We have always had better than average pricing and we have always tried to be available to our customers and our workers.

There is so much more I could say but I’ll keep it short for now. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!

SERVICE AREAS: Sammamish and Issaquah (main service areas) Also: Redmond, Fall City, Snoqualmie, Bellevue, Newcastle, Kirkland and Mercer Island.